Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Terrorist's wife released from jail and free to hide him again

Munfiatun, wife of Noordin M. Top, the most wanted man in SE Asia for masterminding the Bali bombings along with countless other bombings in Indonesia, has been released from the Sukun women's prison in Malang, East Java. She was released 9 months early from her 3 year sentence for good behavior.

Story here from the Jakarta Post.

JAKARTA (AP): The wife of one of Southeast Asia's most wanted terror suspects left prison Monday after serving 27 months in jail for helping hide her still-at-large husband, an official said.

Munfiatun, 30, was convicted of sheltering Noordin Top, a Malaysian accused of being a key leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, a regional terror network blamed for a string of suicide bombings in Indonesia, the most deadly being 2002 nightclub bombings on Bali island that killed 202 people.

Munfiatun told the warden of Malang women's prison on Indonesia's main island of Java that she would return to her hometown, also on Java.

"I have heard that my neighbors there are not concerned that I am the wife of a terrorist," she told the warden in front of journalists.

She served nine months short of her 3-year term because of time off for good behavior.

She was picked up at the jail by her mother and extended family members.

I guess this means she is free to hide her husband again. She should have received a heavier sentence but hey, she's a Muslim and it's Indonesia and we have seen that Indonesia is soft on local Muslim terrorists and their collaborators. Bali bombers Amrozi, Ali Gufron and Samudra have still not been executed, pending their appeal to overturn their convictions under the recent Terrorism Law (their lawyers are appealing that the law is not retroactive and cannot be applied to their clients). The bombers would have to be re-tried and may escape the death penalty. Seeing Indonesia's poor performance in instituting new legislation of any kind, one feels that the bombers have an excellent chance of winning their appeal as the Supreme Court has demonstrated that it likes throwing out new legislation, deeming it unconstitutional or weakly worded by lawmakers. This has prevented anti-graft legislation from taking effect and cleaning up rampant corruption in Indonesia.

Indonesia has also recently demonstrated that even convicted terrorists can be exonerated from their crimes. Indonesia Supreme Court recently overturned the conviction of Jemaah Islamiyah's spiritual leader and Islamic terrorist, Cleric Abu Bakr Ba'asyir. This means that while the world still recognizes him for what he is (a hardline Islamic terrorist, teacher of militant/terrorists and inspiration to militants/terrorists in Indonesia and throughout SE Asia), Indonesia recognizes Ba'asyir as innocent of involvement.

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