Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shoot on sight orders stand in Poso

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - In the face of the chaotic situation in the restive town of Poso, Central Sulawesi, there was no better choice for the security agencies, the police in particular, but to take repressive measures, including an order to shoot anybody carrying fire arms without proper authorization on sight, a political observer said.

"Of course, they (security agencies) should act with due consideration of objective conditions in the field so that no victims will fall among people not involved in terrorism," Audy Wuisang, political observer at the University of Indonesia, said here Thursday.

"The shoot-on-sight order is appropriate but the objective situation in the field should also be considered to avoid innocent fatalities, especially among those who are not involved in any terror acts," Wusiang said.

So the Poso police`s policy to shoot on sight any rioter or any body found to be in illegal possession of weapons is right and appropriate, Wuisang said.

"In a restive situation, the authority of security officials should be enforced, and thus the police have the power to shoot on sight," he said.

Audy Wuisang said the real problem in Poso was that security personnel continued to be the target of civilian gunmen.

The shoot-on-sight order was issued by Central Sulawesi police chief Brig Gen Radrotin Haiti in an effort to overcome unrest following the killing of two suspected militants in a police raid recently.

Badrotin announced anyone unlawfully owning, keeping or using fire arms would be shot on sight.

On a separate occasion, a member of the House of Representatives (DPR) Commission I from the National Mandate Party (PAN) faction, Dedy Jamaluddin Malik, said security personnel were supposed to act in accordance with legal procedure and not violate human right values.

"A brutal action by the police will only prompt protracted hatred and animosity between them and the people," Dedy Jamaluddin said, adding that it could also be a boomerang to security personnel.

Sporadic acts of violence including bombings have continued to occur in Poso and environs since the formal end of a protracted sectarian conflict which ravaged the region in 2000-2001 killing and displacing thousands of people.

Dedy Jamaluddin Malik of hardline Islamic and terrorist supporting PAN party? Yes, protect the militants because they're Muslims and Islamic militants just like you, right Dedy?

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