Monday, November 13, 2006

Police need to arrest militant Arsal in Poso

I don't get this. Adnan Arsal is a militant/terrorist and his group Poso Islamic Struggle Brotherhood Forum and his pesantren are involved in terrorism in the Poso area. He is hiding fugitives from the police to interfere with investigations into the recent terrorism and bombings in Poso and Palu. He has threatened the government and police with action if the elite forces Brimob are not removed from the area. His group has attacked the police in a rampage using guns, molotov cocktails, bombs and rocks while police were looking for the terrorists and weapon caches. His nephew is now standing trial for planning the beheadings of three Christian high school girls. His nephew's gang, which I'm sure the police have already connected to Arsal, is responsible for bombings and assassinations. This guy is one, if not the main instigator of trouble in Central Sulawesi and if Arsal and his gang is taken out then peace can be restored to Central Sulawesi.

TEMPO Interactive
, Palu: A number of leading figures in Poso have rejected the police plan to capture Ustad (Islamic mentor) Abdul Rahman Saleh (Arsal), the leader of the Amanah Pesantren (Islamic boarding school), Tanah Runtuh, Poso.

In addition to considering the plan as nonsense, they assume it is a strong indication that the police actually have a hidden agenda regarding the Poso Muslim leader.

“The capture of Ustad Adnan would worsen the Poso conflict reconciliation process,” said Harun Nyak Item Abu, a youth leader from Kayamanya, Poso, yesterday (12/11).

Ustad Ahmad from Gebang Rejo said that Adnan has become a Poso Muslim fighter.

Arsal is the main cause of the problem now. How can it affect the reconciliation process? And Harun, aren't you connected with one of the militant groups? Same with you Ustad. How come you haven't been arrested yet?

Therefore, if the police do capture him, Poso residents will certainly react.

A few Poso residents will react, mostly the remnants of the terrorist groups Tanah Runtuh and Kayamanya groups. The 99% of the general Muslim population in Central Sulawesi want peace while these terrorists don't want the conflict to end.

“He has never run out from Poso when open conflict broke out,” he said.

The plan for Arsal capture was stated by Indonesian Police (Polri) spokesman, Brig, Gen. Sisno Adiwinoto, on Friday (10/11).

The reason given was that Arsal was suspected of providing protection for 29 fugitives involved in a terrorism case in Poso, in addition to committing provocation criminal acts.

Tajwin Ibrahim, a member of Poso Muslim Defence Team, said he intends to block police efforts to capture Adnan.

He also asked that the security system in Poso be evaluated.

This is because during the six years of Poso conflicts, the amount of police and Indonesian Military (TNI) personnel there has never been reduced.

Why should the personnel be reduced? The terrorists are keeping the conflict going.

“So, not only residents, but also security personnel in Poso must also be evaluated,” he said.

Entering the third day of the hunt, the police have not yet captured even one of the 29 suspected terrorism perpetrators in Poso who have been included on the list of wanted persons.

Access points to Poso Regency have been closely guarded.

If Tajwin Ibrahim of the Poso Muslim Defence Team is going to try to stop the police from capturing Arsal then Ibrahim should be thrown in jail too. Who do these idiots think they are? Like I've said before, let the North Sulawesi Brimob hunt down these animals (yes, that what these terrorists are, animals). Guaranteed Arsal and the fugitives will either be caught or dead and either way the problem will be solved. BTW, Arsal, I'm waiting for another fatwa.

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