Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Eight Brimob personnel scrutinized in Poso case

TEMPO Interactive, Palu: Eight Mobile Brigade (Brimob) personnel who were sent from Jakarta have been scrutinized by the Directorate of Professionalism and Security at the National Police (Polri) Headquarters regarding the Poso riot.

Two were questioned on Monday (30/10) and the other six, yesterday (31/10). The investigation that took place at the Poso Subregional Police was directly led by the Professional and Security Directorate Head at Polri HQ, Brig. Gen. Abdurrahman.

According to Central Sulawesi Regional Police spokesperson Chief Commissioner Muhammad Kilat, they were investigated as witnesses in the case of the shooting at Syarifuddin, a Poso resident, on Sunday night two weeks ago. They were considered as having knowledge about the shooting between Tanaruntu residents and the police. “It hasn’t been confirmed whether they will be suspects or not. The evidence of the bullet that hit the victim is being examined by the Forensic Laboratory at Polri HQ,” he said yesterday (31/10).

According to Kilat, in addition to the eight Brimob personnel, there are still seven personnel from the Poso Subregional Police to be investigated. From the result of the initial investigation, Kilat said it was the police that were was attacked first. “The pressure made them retaliate firing,” he said. Last Monday, when several residents escorted Syarifuddin’s body, there was another clash.

A three year old boy and a six month old child as well as a resident named Mislan Kader were wounded by police bullets. Mislan said that when the crowd passed Pulau Seram Street, Poso, right in front of the Brimob housing unit, suddenly the police started firing. Hundreds of people in the crowds scattered instantly. Yesterday Mislan complained about the matter to the Human Rights National Commission for Poso.
He was reluctant to report it to the police because he said that he was often terrorized by a police member. Dedi Askari, Head of Human Rights National Commission for Central Sulawesi, demanded that the government and the police follow up on the incident as soon as possible. “Or else, we’ll file a report to the International Human Rights Commission,” he said.

Kilat confirmed that the police fired weapons when the people were escorting Syarifuddin’s body. However, according to him the shooting was because the residents attacked and mocked the police.

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