Wednesday, November 01, 2006

15 Muslim suspects in total arrested for terror in Poso and Palu

Fifteen Muslim men in total have been arrested in connection with the recent and previous terror attacks in the Poso and Palu area of Central Sulawesi. These attacks date back to 2001. Most of these arrests have already taken place but police are making a public announcement now.

Brigadier General Pol Anton Bachrul Alam, of Mapolres Poso, said on Tuesday night that two groups, Tanah Runtuh in Kelurahan Gebang Rejo and Kompak in Kayamanya sector in Poso were responsible for hiding terror suspects. Tanah Runtuh is where Brimob were attacked by a mob of 300 militants with guns, molotov cocktails, rocks and fire-bombs when Brimob tried to conduct searches for weapon caches and terrorists. In Tanah Runtu, seven suspects were arrested. Their names are Poniren alias Ipong, Yusuf Asapa, Hasanuddin, Haris, Irwanto Irawan, Rahmat and Sudirman. Most of the suspects named have been previously captured between December 2005 and June 2006. Yusuf Asapa, Haris and Rahmat in Tolitoli, Ipong and Sudirman in Poso, and Hasanuddin in Palu. In Kompak Kayamanya, suspects Fadly Barsalin, Yusman Saidi, Syakur, Farid, Yusman Sahed, Iswandi Ma`ruf, Rusli Tawil and Ifek were arrested. Police are still looking for 29 more suspects in the Central Sulawesi area.

Bachrul Alam said the suspects captured were involved in many cases like the murder of journalist I Wayan Suryasa of the Poso Post (2001), the bomb used to kill Pastor John Padjoja (2001), the beheading of Kades Pinedapa (2003), the bomb in front of Poso Central Market that killed 4 people (2004), the assassinations of Jaksa Fery Silalahi and Pastor Susianti Tinulele di Palu (2004), the robbery of Pemda Poso for US$44,000 (2004), the bombing of the Tentena Market killing 22 people (2005), the beheading of three high school students in Poso (2005), and the bombings of churches in Palu and Poso.

During the raid in Kayamanya, police recovered weaponry like M-16, revolvers, Uzi, FN and ammunition, and bomb making materials.

It's very obvious now as to why the mob of 300 Muslims attacked police in Tanah Runtu. They were hiding terror suspects and maybe still hiding more. Militant group leaders, Adnan Arsal of the Poso Islamic Struggle Brotherhood Forum and Sugiyanto Kaimudin of the Islamic Defenders Front should have to explain themselves as to why they called for protests and the removal of the police, and tried to block the capture of terror suspects and weapon caches. We're waiting for that explanation.
What's also interesting is Hasanuddin, who is the leader of the Poso Mujahidin group and responsible for the beheadings of the three high school girls, is the nephew of Adnan Arsal.

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