Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wife of dead terrorist wants husband's name cleared

Mira Augustina, wife of recently killed Al-Qaeda terrorist Omar al-Faruq wants her husband's "good" name restored. She claims he was not a terrorist and a good father to their two children. She has asked police to clear his name. See previous posting British forces kill Al-Faruq.

Mira, you can be in denial all you want but your husband was an evil man. He was a head operative for Al-Qaeda in SE Asia working closely with JI, he trained militants to make bombs, planned attacks across Southeast Asia, trained militants in Central Sulawesi, bombed churches in Indonesia and so on and so on. He got what he deserved and in absolutely no way should his name be cleared. To put it bluntly, he was Islamic militant terrorist scum. If Indonesia tries to clear his name then it proves the government supports terrorism.

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