Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Police tighten Bali security ahead of anniversary

DENPASAR (AP): Police tightened security Wednesday at airports, seaports and beaches on Indonesia's resort island of Bali ahead of the fourth anniversary of al-Qaida-linked car bombings on two nightclubs that killed 202 people, mostly foreigners.
Indonesia has been hit by a series of annual attacks since the 2002 bombing, blamed on the Southeast Asian terrorism group Jemaah Islamiyah.
Tourists and family members were to gather on the beach Thursday to remember those killed in the attack and unfurl a 12 kilometer-long (7.5 mile-long) white cloth between the two bombing sites.
The most recent Bali attack was a triple suicide bombing in September 2005, which killed 20 people at restaurants.
Bali police planned to deploy their entire 11,500-member force, including elite anti-terrorism squad and plainclothes policemen to secure this year's commemorations, said Col. Antonius Reniban.
"We are tightening security at all entry points into Bali," said Reniban, a spokesman for the island's police force. "We would not hesitate to take harsh measures against any kind of threat."
Indonesia, which has more Muslims than any other nation, has arrested or convicted more than 300 militants in recent years.

Yes, only 300 militants while thousands and thousands are still free across Indonesia, mostly in Java and hiding in Papua.

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