Sunday, October 01, 2006

Muslims burn church in Poso as tensions rise

POSO, Central Sulawesi (AP): A Muslim mob set fire to a partially constructed church Sunday in apparent retaliation for the detonation of two small bombs, as religious tension in Central Sulawesi province continued to escalate, police said.
No one was injured in the bombings late Saturday or the church razing early Sunday in Poso -- the main battleground between Muslims and Christians from 1998-2002. The conflict left about 1,000 people dead.
Communal tensions have risen since the executions last week of three Christians convicted of involvement in the four years of fighting.
Shortly after the bombs went off, a group of Muslims set fire to the church in a Muslim part of town, said police Adj. Comr. Wayan, who uses one name.
Indonesia is a secular nation with the world's largest number of Muslims, about 190 million. In Sulawesi and several other eastern regions, Christian and Muslim populations are roughly equal.

Interesting how Muslims stayed quiet until the army and Brimob were sent into the area, supposedly to bring peace and stability. Is this the beginning of a restart to the conflict? Will the military and police join forces with the Muslims again and attack Christians? Will the army and Muslim politicians bring Laskar Jihad back from Papua to kill Christians while the Indonesian government endorses the action and turns a blind eye to the situation again? Start praying this is not going to happen.

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