Sunday, October 01, 2006

More Brimob arriving in Poso

SSK Brimob from Kelapa Dua, Jakarta just arrived in Poso to join SSK Brimob from East Kalimantan and South Sulawesi already deployed in the area. Assistant Chief of Police for Central Sulawesi, I Nyoman Sindra said that Brimob must uphold highly professional conduct in Poso to preserve peace.

A little background info on Brimob ( Mobile Brigade). They are the elite special forces of the Indonesian Police Force and usually deployed during civil crisis events.
Brimob is quite often hired by international companies or organizations to provide security.
In the past, they have been involved many human rights violations (assaults, arson, rape, shooting at crowds, etc.) in Aceh, Papua, Maluku and Sulawesi and generally operate above the law. They are or have been involved with Islamic militias and have been supported monetarily by Muslim politicians in local conflicts ( i.e. Central Sulawesi). Brimob is also known in Indonesia for attacking Christians and Christian events.
Many Brimob have received training from the US, training which was supposed to help them become a more professional security force for Indonesia. Brutal beatings by senior officers supposedly to toughen new recruits have killed 4 in Central Sulawesi and hazing of lower ranking officers is quite common.
Brimob are at odds with TNI (Indonesian military). Brimob are at the top of security while TNI are now relegated to defending the country after former president Soeharto was toppled in 1998. This is a huge ego boost for Brimob and a sore spot for TNI. Quite often there are disputes and attacks between factions.
Recent history has shown that they are anti-Christian and their presence in Central Sulawesi is welcomed by Muslims.

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