Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Islamic leaders threaten to cause chaos in Poso

POSO, Indonesia (AP) - A church was set on fire Tuesday in a central Indonesian region plagued by sectarian violence since last month's executions of three Roman Catholic militants, police said. No one was injured in the blaze.
The arson attack in the town of Poso on Sulawesi island apparently followed rumors that an Islamic school had been torched, said police spokesman Lt. Col. Muhammad Kilat, urging residents to be on alert for "a campaign to fuel unrest. "An investigation was being carried out, he said, adding that "arsonists were behind the Eklesia church blaze." Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation, with 90 percent ( just over 80%) of its 220 million people practicing the faith, but large section of Sulawesi have roughly equal number of Christians and Muslims. Poso was the center of hostilities between the two religions in 1998-2002, when more than 1,000 (2,000) people died. Violence flared anew following the Sept. 22 executions of three Christian men convicted of leading a militia that carried out a 2000 attack on an Islamic school, killing at least 70 people seeking shelter. Critics say the Christians did not get a fair trial and questioned the role religion played in their sentencing, noting that few Muslims were punished for four years of bloodshed, and none to more than 15 years in jail. Mobs in Sulawesi have killed two Muslim traders and a Christian priest in recent weeks, and there have been at least seven bomb blasts, most targeting empty buildings. Security forces opened fire on a gang of rock-wielding Muslim youths in Poso over the weekend, killing one after they went on a rampage, torching police vehicles and homes. Islamic leaders protested the slaying Tuesday, and demanded that national troops withdraw from the area, threatening to disrupt the activities of the local government, markets and people's lives if they refused. "We will paralyze activities in Poso," said Sugiyanto Kaimudin, a representative of a Muslim association, though he provided no details. National police chief General Sutanto told reporters in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, that his men had acted in self-defense and said they were needed in Sulawesi to maintain order.

Sugiyanto Kaimudin, a representative of a Muslim association? Gee, what association might that be? Not the same Sugiyanto Kaimudin of the militant, paramilitary, terrorist and jihad supporting Islamic Defenders Front (FPI)? You know, the terrorist thugs who routinely attack foreign embassies in Jakarta when protesting, tried sweeping Americans out of Indonesia in 2001, close churches, support Abu Bakr Ba'asyir, attack Western interests during Ramadan, have ties with Jemaah Islamiyah, Laskar Jihad and possibly al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and keep pressing for Indonesia to become an Islamic state. The same terrorist thugs who joined in with Laskar Jihad on the the slaughter of Christians in Maluku and Sulawesi. Nice try on the whitewashing Associated (with terrorists) Press!!

So Islamic leaders ( and by that it should be stated, FPI only) are basically taking the side of arsonists who burned Eklesia church after false rumors were spread about the burning of an Islamic boarding school, a mob who attacked police with homemade guns, rocks, molotov cocktails and homemade bombs after they burned police vehicles and torched Christian houses, and don't want police to search for weapons, bombs, militants and the killer of Rev. Irianto which is what the police were doing when the mob attacked them. I see. And you're angry at security forces and feel you are being persecuted? Uh huh. So what you're saying is the police shouldn't have defended themselves from 300 gun-toting, weapon weilding and fire bomb throwing Muslims? Hmmm. Let's do a little check on the story so far, Islamic leaders, shall we?

Who is attacking the police, bombing Christian interests, and burning homes and churches? Christians?

And who wants to disrupt local governments, markets and people's lives? Christians?
And it would appear that who is fuelling the conflict with terrorism? Christians?

I think it's pretty obvious from the evidence, who wants unrest in Poso, who wants the conflict to continue, and who is responsible for the terror continuing in Central Sulawesi. The government has a tough job ahead getting rid of these criminal militant terrorist Islamic elements like Islamic Defenders Front out of the area. Until these elements are removed, there will be no peace for local Christians and Muslims and the terrorism perpetrated by these Muslims will continue. We'll see if the government is serious about tackling the conflict or whether they're part of the problem. I won't hold my breath and wait for a quick solution. Just remember who is really persecuted in Indonesia.

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