Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Indonesian police will not add extra troops in Poso yet

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Chief of Indonesian Police General Sutanto affirmed that it is not yet necessary to increase the number of troops to Palu in response to the shooting of clergyman Irianto Konkoli yesterday (10/16). “The existing security troops are enough. There is no need for additional troops,” said Sutanto this morning (10/17) in Semarang. He visited Semarang in order to attend the inauguration of the 2006 Police Academy Cadets. According to him, as many as 16 company-level units or around 1,000 personnel of the Police Mobile Brigade are on duty in Palu now. The troops came from North Sulawesi, East Kalimantan and South Sulawesi Police Departments and Kelapa Dua Mobile Brigade, Depok. Chief of the Central Sulawesi Police Department Brigadier General Badrodin Haiti is tracing the motives of the incident by interrogating several people. Four persons will be asked for information such as Hasanudin, Haris, Irwanto and Jendra. They are being arrested in Jakarta because they are related to a number of cases such as the murder of three students of Poso Christian High School; the shooting of Clergyman Susianti Tinulele and Prosecutor Ferry Silalahi.

So are these four suspects? How are they related? Are being arrested? Do you mean in the process of being arrested, not yet arrested or already arrested? I love informative news briefs.

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