Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Indonesian government rewards terrorists

The Indonesian government continues to reward terrorists by cutting their prison sentences twice a year on major holidays. In the real world, this defies logic but in Indonesia this makes complete sense. Remissions have allowed convicted terrorists such as Abu Bakr Ba'asyir, to go free early and continue to spew their hate message against non-Muslims and the West.

From a recent article:

Bali blast survivor Peter Hughes said the latest round of sentence cuts would be a slap in the face to families of the 202 victims, including 88 Australians, who died when Islamic militants detonated two bombs on the Indonesian resort island of Bali in 2002.
The 46-year-old said he did not understand why anyone would want to "reward terrorists".
"I think the Indonesian Government, by doing this, they don't understand that it becomes a slap in the face for us, and it's actually a reward for their (terrorists') cause, which is pathetic," Mr Hughes said.
The Indonesian Government is reportedly considering changes to laws governing sentence remissions which would force terrorists and drug offenders, among others, to serve at least two-thirds of their sentences.

See the full story here at Victims condemn Bali bombing releases

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