Thursday, October 19, 2006

Government to grant special remissions during Lebaran

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government will give special jail term remissions to Muslim prisoners on the occasion of the post-fasting festivity locally known as Lebaran, a Law and Human Rights Ministry official said."The special remissions are to be given to prisoners based on Presidential Decree No.174/1999," Soekartono Supangkat, director of statistics and registration at the ministry`s directorate general of correctional institutes, said here Thursday.The remissions, ranging between 15 days and two months, would be given provided the prisoners concerned had behaved well during their stay in prison.He said prisoners were entitled to three kinds of remission in all -- general remission on National Independence Day (August 17), special remission on religious holidays and additional remission to prison inmates who were active in social and humanitarian activities. Soekartono said the Lebaran remissions for Muslim prisoners throughout the country would be symbolically granted at a ceremony at the Pondok Bambu detention center in East Jakarta.

I see, so does that mean Christian and Catholic prisoners get remissions on Christmas and Easter? Hindus on Deepavali? Buddhists on Waisak Day (Buddha's Birthday)? Or does everyone get a remission on Independence Day and only Muslims get extra remissions?

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