Monday, October 23, 2006

Government has not tackled Sulawesi conflict optimally: Amien Rais

Thank you for stating the obvious Pak Amien. Verbal diarrhea from an Indonesian Moonbat. If the government was serious about solving the conflict, they would get rid of the militant element in the area, deploy even amounts of Muslim and Christian police and get their security forces out of there, who have attacked Christians in the past and are suspected to be behind recent bombings, which just add to the tension in the area.

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - The relapse of the Central Sulawesi towns of Poso and Palu into an unstable security situation is an indication the government has yet to deal with the conflict in the religiously-divided province optimally, former People`s Consultative Assembly (MPR) chairman Amiern Rais said. "The tension gripping Poso in the past few days proves that the government has yet to overcome the existing problem there optimally," Amien said after delivering an Idul Fitri sermon at the Trirenggo Square in Bantul district on Monday. He said the government should have given more serious attention to efforts to solve the prolonged conflict there so that the local people did not need to suffer much longer. "The conflict there is a national disaster. Therefore, the government should act wisely and find the best possible solution to the problem and recreate a conducive situation there," Amien said. He said the government should also try to feel the agony of the people of Palu and Poso, and then give new hope and new life to them. "This is all for the sake of the integrity of the Indonesian Republic because all regions are parts of this country. Therefore, if the people in a particular area of the country are in great agony, the central government should also feel it and try to overcome it," Amien said.

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