Friday, October 06, 2006

Gap in life may cause radical ideology to grow in Indonesia

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A sharp gap in the life of community may cause radical ideology to grow well in Indonesia, so that all sides are expected to improve the country`s socio-economic condition, defense minister Yuwono Sudarsono says. "It`s our task to improve the socio-economic condition of the communty and to make those having an easy life aware of a condition whereas a sharp difference between the rich and the poor is prone to the growth of radical ideology," he said, according to a press statement from the ministry of defense received by ANTARA News here on Thursday. Radical ideology may be found in every religion, but what needs to be seen from a broader perspective is radicalism caused by a special condition of the state, he said in a discussion forum on "Radical Islamic Rationality" held by the Freedom Institute. Such a radical ideology can grow in Indonesia as long as there is a gap in the life of the community, so that a certain layer of Indonesian youths may lose their hope to live, he said. Under this condition, if there is no other way, they can be possibly interested in taking a short-cut way such as violence and self-suicidal action which according to them will enable them to go to paradise. That radical ideology can sometimes influence educated community to take a short-cut way which may justify a murder action against the others who are against their principles, he said. To avoid it, a wayout needs to be sought to inspire them to have the courage to face the life and to have no interest to adopt radical principles such as committing suicide, he said.

This is exactly way the way it has been since inception of Muhammad's so called religion, Islam. He used this to sell his religion to pagan Arabs to join his cause. What Arab enduring harsh conditions of the climate of the Middle East combined with the hardship of daily life, would not dream of the "Paradise" that Muhammad promised. Muhammad knew this was a great selling point. Today, for the younger generation of the Palestinian occupied territory (terrortory) of Israel, they seek martyrdom as a way to escape the way of life that their leader's political ideology and religion has bestowed upon them. Same in many other Muslim countries. And the lie that Muhammad sold his followers continues to take the lives of followers of Islam. Such was Satan's plan.

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