Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Faith powerful weapon against enemies says cleric

Bogor (ANTARA News) - In his Idul Fitri sermon at the Bogor Botanical Gardens here on Tuesday Muslim cleric Ahmad Degel said that faith was a powerful weapon against the enemies of Islam. "Besides sophisticated weapons, faith is the most powerful armour against the enemies of Islam because God has promised to help those who have faith," Ahmad Degel said before thousands of Muslims gathered at the gardens. Without elaborating who Islam`s enemies were, Ahmad Degel pointed out that faith could defeat enemies carrying man-made sophisticated weapons. "With gravel, the Palestinian people were able to defend their country from the grip of zionist Israel," the cleric said, adding that because of faith and strong belief in God Almighty, the Palestinian people were able to continue resisting their enemies. He said Western countries at present were exercising all the power they had to defeat Muslims. "Therefore, Muslims unity is absolutely necessary. Let us struggle together to strengthen our unity and faith," he said. Ahmad ended his sermon by praying for the nation`s leaders so that they could fullfil their tasks and responsibilities under divine guidance to lead the country toward a better tomorrow.

With all due respect, Western countries are not exercising 'all' the power they have to defeat Muslims. They are showing restraint, to only get the terrorists. If it were the other way around, would the Muslims show such restraint? If 'all' power was used against 'all' Muslims, then the Arab world, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, most of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Central Asian states would all be decimated from nuclear bombs. Then Imam Ahmad, you could say that the West used all of its power to defeat Muslims.

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