Saturday, October 14, 2006

Denmark will not apologize for new Muhammad cartoons

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The Danish government will not apologize to Muslim communities concerning the cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad in the country. According to Danish Ambassador, Niels Erik Andersen, Danish governmental and constitutional systems do not allow the government to apologize. Andersen explained that Danish people cannot collectively be responsible for an individual demeanor. The cartoon in August of this year was done by a private party and did not on touch public areas. “They did it for their own selves, not for a provocation,” said Andersen to Chairman of Muhammadiyah Din Syamsuddin at Muhammadiyah's office yesterday (10/12) in Jakarta. “We truly appreciate freedom of speech as well as democracy.”However, he assured that his government criticized cartoons by the youth of the Danish People's Party. His government has also asked that police investigate the case. In fact, Danish political figures threatened to break their relations with the party if it was not found accountable for the case.
“Their behavior does not absolutely reflect the attitude of the Danish people over Muslim devotees and the religion of Islam,” he said.Din stated that he was disappointed with Andersen's explanation. According to him, a moral responsibility should be given. In addition, the incidents have occurred twice this year in Denmark. They showed that half of the Danish people were not ready to appreciate tolerance and peaceful solidarity. “We're very sorry for the fact,” said Din.

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