Saturday, October 14, 2006

Central Java step up security against terrorists

Semarang, Central Java (ANTARA News) - Central Java police do not wish to be caught unaware and are therefore continuously stepping up measures in anticipation of possible terrorist acts during the upcoming Muslim post-fasting festivities, a spokesman said.

Senior Commissioner Sunardi, the Central Java Police`s chief of operations, said here Friday, "We will continue to take anticipatory measures. Everything is handled by the Criminal Investigation Directorate."

But he did not explain in detail the measures being taken in anticipation of possible terrorist acts, including the possibility that top terror operative Noordin Moh Top would enter and hide in Central Java. Noordin Moh Top is known to have once gone into hiding in Central Java and is still at large until now.

The steps the provincial police had taken in anticipation of terrorist acitivity, he said, was increasing alertness and security, especially in areas which had frequently become targets of terrorist acts during the past five years in Indonesia.

The police were taking the anticipatory measures because Central Java was known as one of several provinces where terrorists often hide or escape to, he said.

The August-December period was also believed to be one in which terrorists routinely carry out their actions as had happened in the past five years.

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