Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Calling from Blogosphere to Boycott Indonesia

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A call out from Dr. Rusty Shackleford of the Jawa Report in a posting Boycott Indonesia - Stop murdering Christians Now! to boycott Indonesia until it stops the persecution of minority Christians here in Indonesia has started. My eternal gratefulness to him for bringing this to the attention of the blogosphere!!
I would also like to thank Beth Cleaver at MY VRWC for making the new signs to boycott Indonesia, to Charles Johnson at LGF, and to Michelle Malkin for their postings.

Discussion around the breakfast table this morning brought thoughts that the assassination of Rev. Irianto may have come from former Muslim Bupati (District Head) Arief Patanga. We suspect Patanga had Rev. Irianto silenced. Irianto was outspoken about Patanga and that Patanga should have been punished and not Tibo et al. Reverend Irianto was told by Fabianus Tibo before Tibo's execution that Patanga was one of those responsible for the massacre at the pesantren where between 70 - 190 (depending on which account is believed) Muslims were killed. Patanga's younger brother Agfar was also on the list of 16 responsible as well as Patanga's Protestant deputy Yahya Patiro, Protestant businessman Eddy Bundkundapu and Muslim businessman Aliansa Tompo. The political war between politicians vying for District Head and corruption scandals of the area were covered up by continuing the conflict to draw attention away. Muslim and Protestant politicians encouraged the fighting while trying to get the upper hand in a power struggle in Central Sulawesi. 9 retired and still serving military were also involved. The real culprits remain free and three Catholic scapegoats were executed by the Indonesian Government. I guess corrupt politicians, military and businessman can still buy their freedom while poor farmers are left to die in their place. It was easier to kill three farmers than to re-open the trial and admit all evidence no matter how damning. Must have cost them a lot of money to buy their freedom.

The Indonesian government is desperate for foreign investment. Given the threat of terrorism and the rise of militancy and local Islamification, poor infrastructure, corruption at all levels and the cumbersome bureaucracy of doing business in Indonesia, other countries in SE Asia have more attractive business climates for investors. Boycotting investment and Indonesian products can help force the Indonesian government to make positive changes, domestically and internationally. But don't bet on it happening quickly. The political, economical and military elite in Indonesia wield great power and are reluctant to change the system which makes them rich and powerful through corruption, collusion and nepotism. It is a sad state of affairs here and seems to be like a truck frantically spinning its tires in the sand. Lots of action but no progress.

Will a boycott of Indonesia help the ethnic and religious minorities? In the long run, probably not, but it is worth the effort. The Muslim Javanese which dominate the government are an arrogant lot. Just ask the people of Aceh who claim they are slaves to the Javanese. The peace agreement, which was supposed to bring Aceh more autonomy and freedom, has stopped the seperation resistance and given Jakarta more power over Acehenese affairs. For the Acehenese, Balinese Hindus and Christian parts of Indonesia, the only answer is to secede from Indonesia, but this is only a dream. Meanwhile, the Indonesian government will give lip service to the world when confronted about its treatment of the minorities here and persecution will continue.

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