Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bali three ready for execution

Three Bali bombing masterminds, Amrozi, Imam Samudera and Ali Gufron are ready for the executions to proceed. "We are ready for the executions whenever" said Ali Gufron after finishing Idul Fitri prayers at Batu Nusakambangan Prison in Central Jawa today. The three were allowed to perform prayers outside of their solitary confinement cells in the Super Maximum Security section of the prison and immediately returned after prayers said head warden Sudijanto. There are seven rooms in the Super Maximum Security section and the Bali three are the only inmates occupying the section. There is an empty cell between each of three's cells to prevent communication.

When the executions are to take place has still not been announced but many people around the world are waiting for justice to be served and are anticipating the executions with great interest.

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