Monday, October 09, 2006

Another bomb explosion in Poso

Poso - A home-made bomb exploded at 9.45 pm local time on Sunday night in an empty house in Kasiguncu, Poso city suburb, Central Sulawesi, sources said. There were no immediate reports of fatalities except minor damage of the house belonging to Tandawuya, former member of the Poso district legislative assembly. The sources said that the house was vacant since the communal conflict broke out in 2000. The explosion was relatively strong and curious residents rushed to the scene of the blast. "Many people gather on the streets to anticipate unwanted happenings," Marthen said when contacted by phone from the Central Sulawesi capital of Palu. Adjunct Commr Mohammad Kilat, spokesman of the Central Sulawesi police headquarters, confirmed the explosion. "It is a minor explosion causing some damage to the house," he added. Police sent personnel to the scene to investigate but there are no reports of arrests related with the sixth explosion in a week.

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