Saturday, September 09, 2006

Waiting for news on the 3 to be executed

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Justice and Human Rights Minister Hamid Awaluddin reaffirmed that the execution of the three Poso riot death-row convicts Tibo and his associates, was the jurisdiction of thee prosecution authorities. " Just ask the prosecution office on that matter," he said in reply to a barrage of press questions here on Wednesday. But operationally, the execution is to be carried out by the high prosecution office under coordination with the Central Sulawesi police chief, he said.

An an eye-catching issue today is a discourse on the conditional release of Tommy Soeharto, the youngest son of former President Soeharto, but the minister said it is the business of the of Justice and Human Rights office in Jakarta. The granting of a remission, assimilation and conditional release has to be reported to the minister. In the meantime, Central Sulawesi Police Chief Senior Commissioner Badrootin said he was ready to carry out the execution of the three condemned men, namely Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva and Marinus Riwu. "We have to be ready as the execution has been ordered by the law," he said. Badrootin is the new Central Sulawesi Police chief replacing Brig. Gen. Oegroseno. He said he had yet to make a decision on the time and place of the execution as he had to coordinate the decision making with the high prosecution office as the executioner. He had no idea about the letter from the provincial high prosecution office about the execution. "We (Police) will determine the time and place after the prosecution office orders the execution. I will check the letter first," he added. He also denied rumors that the National Police Chief had issued a special order for an early execution. "There is no such instruction. The execution has become the authority of the high-prosecution office and the provincial police," he said. Tibo, Dominggus and Marinus were originally slated to be executed last August 12. (*)

The change of Sulawesi Tengah Police Chief removes any local obstacles to the execution. Why was Brijen Oegroseno removed? Probably because he knew the three men are being used as scapegoats to take the fall for the Red Army Christians involved in the conflict and was going to support a new trial. What about the Muslims involved? None have been brought to trial for killing Christians. What about the six assailants that beheaded 3 schoolgirls from Central Sulawesi Christian School? What about the forced circumcisions and conversions to Islam during the conflict? What about all the displaced Christians who have yet to return to their Poso homes? Where is the justice for Christians?

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