Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vatican expresses great regret over executions

VATICAN CITY (AP): The Vatican expressed "great regret" Saturday over the execution of three Roman Catholic militants in Indonesia, and called for reconciliation and peaceful coexistence among different religions in the country.
The trio, accused of carrying out bloody attacks on Muslims during sectarian fighting in 2000, were executed early Friday.
Pope Benedict XVI had appealed to the Indonesian president in August to spare their lives, citing "humanitarian grounds."
"The Holy See has learned news of the execution with great regret," the Vatican said in a statement.
It recounted efforts by the pope and Vatican officials to halt the executions, and said the appeals were on a "strictly humanitarian level" and were "inspired by the well known position of the Catholic Church on the death penalty."
The Vatican, staunchly opposed to capital punishment, has campaigned in favor of a moratorium.
"The Holy See, with its interventions, has meant not least to contribute to efforts in favor of the process of reconciliation in Indonesia and to the traditional peaceful coexistence among those belonging to different religions - which it hopes will continue characterizing that great country," the statement said.

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