Sunday, September 10, 2006

Update on Execution Proceedings

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The government is not prioritizing the executions of Imam Samudra, one the first Bali Bombing perpetrators, and Tibo Cs, one those convicted of the Poso Rioting. The government is still awaiting the legal related to those convicted in both these cases. “The government is not concentrating on these cases,” said Attorney General Abdul Rahman Saleh Thursday (7/9) at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta. The Attorney General's Office (AGO) has already prepared for the executions in these two cases. The Attorney General is waiting for Imam Samudra's lawyer to propose a review. Arman has said that the Constitution has not stipulated any deadline as regards review submission and execution time. However, if a review is not submitted, Imam Samudera will be executed. Meanwhile, State Secretary Yusril Ihza Mahendra has acknowledged receiving a second clemency plea from Fabianus Tibo Cs. For the time being, the clemency plea has been delivered to the Justice and Human Rights Minister who will examine with this case. Previously, Chairman of the House of Representatives Agung Laksono asked that the government execute Fabianus Tibo as soon as possible. He argued that any delay in the execution was similar to playing with the law. The delayed execution of Tibo has resulted in Brigadier General Oegroseno, Head of the Central Sulawesi Police, being relieved of his post.

By Badriah

Brigjen Oegroseno probably has reason to believe Tibo and the other two Christians are innocent because of new evidence but certain politicians and government officials as well those in the Muslim community don't want to admit that three men were wrongly prosecuted and are trying to push through the executions without the new evidence examined.

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