Saturday, September 30, 2006

Three explosions in Poso

Palu (ANTARA News) - Three explosions likely from home-made bombs occurred when Muslims were eating `sahur` at early hours before fasting in Poso, Central Sulawesi, on Saturday. According to information collected by ANTARA News, the first explosion occurred 1.20 am local time on Jalan Pulau Seram, Kelurahan Gebangrejo. The point of the explosion was found right in front of the fence of Eklesia Church. No claim of life and building damage were reported. The sound of the bomb could be heard within a one kilometer radius. The second explosion was heard at 2.45 and the third one occurred almost the same time as that of the second one. The two explosions were also believed to come from home-made bombs. The second explosion occurred in front of a traditional fish market or about 50 meters from Poso`s bus station and the third on Jalan Tambotoki in Kelurahan Sayo, in Poso. Chief Spokesman for the Central Sulawesi Police Adjunck Senior Commissioner M Kilat confirmed the three explosions in different places at early hours on Saturday. "The explosion came from home-made bombs and claimed no life," Kilat said. He said the security situation in Poso district was under control following an incident vandalizing a police station.

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