Friday, September 29, 2006

Rioting in Poso returns

Rioting has returned to Poso this afternoon. Reports have come in from Taripa and Pamona Timur. Hundreds were protesting against the execution of Tibo, Marinus and Dominggus. The rioting started after hundreds of protestors gathered on a football field in Taripa at about 3:00 pm WIT were confronted by police. Kapolda ( Head of Police) went by helicopter and vehicle to confront the protestors. The helicopter landed on the field and police tried to dispere the crowd but ended up only angering the protestors and then had to take off immediately as the police became afraid of the crowd. The crowd threw rocks at the helicopter as it left. The protestors, agitated and angered by the confrontation, then chased after the police also at the scene. 4 Police cars, 1 truck, 1 Kijang Mini-bus and 2 motorcycles were torched. They also burned one police post. It is not known if there were any injured during the riot.

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