Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Poso 3 possibly tortured before execution

The body of Dominggus da Silva after requiem mass. Dominggus was originally quickly buried by the Indonesian government showing a lack of consideration to family and religious rites. Photo by Reuters

The family of death row convict Fabianus Tibo, who was executed together with Marianus Riwu and Dominggus da Silva last Friday in the Central Sulawesi city of Poso, said the executors had violated the rules of executions as stipulated in Law No.2/1964. A spokesman for Tibo`s family, Yustinus Sani, said in Ende on Wednesday that five bullet wounds and other bruises on the bodies of Fabianus Tibo and Fabianus Riwu indicated that they were tortured before being executed. Contacted by ANTARA News here on Wednesday, Yustinus said the family was resolved to bring the case to the United Nations Human Rights Court and the International Criminal Court. According to Yustinus, the improprieties in the execution process for the three Poso death row convicts were an arbitrary act by the law enforcers who had violated human rights, the Pancasila (Indonesia`s official state ideology) and the 1945 Constitution. In addition, he said, Tibo`s family also expressed their disappointment over the executors who had intentionally ignored the culture and tradition in Flores and the tradition of the Catholic Church. "For the people of Flores, birth and death are two sacred events which everybody should respect. But the executors in reality intentionally ignored it," Yustinus said. "I feel sad because even those who had died were treated disrespectfully. For example, Dominggus da Silva was buried like an animal. Where is the sense of humanity and protection from the state to its citizens," Yustinus asked. He added that by bringing the case to the UN Human Rights court and International Court, the executors and all related parties in Tibo et al`s execution could give their accounts before the court. Fabianus Tibo, Marianus Riwu and Dominggus da Siva were executed by a firing squad early last Friday morning in Palu, Central Sulawesi.

Yes, it would be great if all involved like Attorney General Abdul Rahman Saleh, Central Sulawesi Police Chief Badrodin Haiti and others were convicted and sentenced to jail time for their part but it's very doubtful that's going to happen. The UN is pro Muslim and anti-Christian in its actions and decisions. UN Human Rights is an oxymoron.

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