Friday, September 22, 2006

MUI recommends no sweeping during Ramadan month

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) has prohibited violent ‘sweeping’ by the general public or organizations other than security officers the a run-up to or during Ramadan. This is because all control is the duty of security officers. “We don’t recommend ‘sweeping’ and we ask the security personnel to actively maintain order,” said Maaruf Amin, Head of the MUI Edict Commission, in Jakarta, Thursday (21/9).Security officers, according to Maaruf, have important roles in maintaining order. “Don’t allow security personnel not to maintain in order as this could encourage some people to carry out sweeping,” said Maaruf.In addition to entertainment spots, Maaruf asked that television channels do not broadcast programs which could disturb fasting. For example, he said, programs that are on behalf of religion but full of violence and inappropriate conduct. “There is already an agreement between the MUI, the Social Services Department and the Information & Communication Department to establish a special team that will ensure this takes place,” said Maaruf.

Now the MUI can say that they made a plea for no sweeping to take place and distant themselves from all action that militant groups like the FPI, Islamic Defender's Front, will carry out. The FPI have demonstrated in the past that they have no fear of police and administer their own militant idea of regulations on Jakarta businesses during Ramadan. Governor Sutiyoso and the police choose to idly sit back every year and let the FPI terrorize local establishments who serve alcohol during the Ramadan period and force nightclubs and bars to close. Tourists should use such facilities in their hotels and not venture out to ensure their safety. FPI have demonstrated in the past that their agenda is anti-West and tourists that come in contact with them are at great risk during this time period. Violence is to be expected at the hands of this militant jihad supporting organization.

MUI chairman Umar Shihab also called on Muslims in the country to compete for goodness through among other things controlling desires, avoiding vices, doing good things for others, helping others, paying tithe or alms, making themselves closer to God, studying the religion and other positive things during Ramadan.

Shouldn't they be doing this every day of the year and not just during Ramadan? Do they think one month of good behavior atones for 11 months of bad behavior?

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