Saturday, September 09, 2006

More attacks planned on Christians?

This from AP:

Indonesian anti-terror police have seized bombs, detonators and explosive materials during a raid on a house on Sulawesi island, police say.
Five people are being questioned over the finds in the house in Polewali, in West Sulawesi, about 1600 kilometres north-east of Jakarta, said police chief Major General Aryanto Budihardjo.
He said officers confiscated an unspecified number of homemade bombs that were diffused at the scene.
They also found detonators, explosive materials and bits of metal and glass apparently for use as shrapnel in devices under construction. Two spoons used to measure explosive powder were also seized, he said.
Budihardjo declined to give more details.
"We are still investigating, we cannot speculate on the motive here," he said.
Sulawesi saw bloody fighting between Muslims and Christians from 1999 through to 2002. Clashes have stopped now, but Islamic extremists continue to carry out sporadic bombings, shootings and other attacks on Christian targets.
Several of the militants blamed for a series of bloody bombings on Western targets elsewhere in Indonesia in recent years are believed to have fought on Sulawesi.
The island is still considered an Islamic militant stronghold and lies close to the southern Philippines, which is home to a Muslim insurgency.

Hello....Sulawesi Utara is 95% Christian and Sulawesi Tengah is 50% Christian. It's not a militant stronghold but still has some Laskar Jihad leftovers and local politicians/police/military who keep stirring up the pot occasionally. Local Muslims and Christians ( mostly farmers) want peace but it's Muslim outsiders, mostly from Java, that want to keep the tension high and prolong the conflict. And again I post that no Muslims have been charged yet with any of the atrocities committed against Christians in Sulawesi Tengah.

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