Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just what we don't need

Well, at least our suspiscions are being legitimized that Indonesian police and military are involved with training and support of jihadists and terrorists within Indonesia. And the result? More Christians killed and churches burned in Indonesia and in the future possibly more tourists and foreign interests attacked.

Military Training Instructor to be Investigated for Terrorism

Friday, 08 September, 2006 16:28 WIB
TEMPO Interactive, Solo:
Brigadier Suprianto, Surakarta, Central Java Police officer, will undergo investigation relating to suspicion of his involvement in the terrorist network. The investigation will start as soon as Suprianto is finished doing punishment for bad behavior. Currently Suprianto is still being investigated by the Professional & Security Division of Central Java Regional Police. “He will be investigated again regarding his activity during desertion,” an officer in the Central Java Regional Police told Tempo, Thursday (7/9). The Ethics Committee of Surakarta District Police has actually determined detention at a special isolation cell. According to Surakarta District Police Head, Chief Commissioner Yotje Mende, the detention started on Wednesday (6/9). Totje acknowledged that before desertion, Suprianto proposed his resignation from the police. “But before it was processed, he did not work any longer. His salary was left, too,” he said. When he was looked for by the police, he had moved his residence. Yotje acknowledged he did not know about the investigation plan concerning Suprianto’s activity during desertion. A Tempo source said, during desertion Suprianto had been active giving military training to the Indonesian Mujahidin Council’s (MMI) paramilitary troops. Military training was conducted in Kalisoro, Tawangmangu which was then dismissed by Surakarta District Police. Suprianto was also an instructor in military training carried out in Kopeng, Salatiga. MMI Solo spokesperson Adi Basuki disputed that Suprianto was involved in military training. He said that Suprianto is in fact a member of the Mujahiddin Troops, but he never gave military training in Tawangmangu nor in Kopeng. “He only led junior troop members in a marching exercise every Sunday,” he said.

by Imron Rosyid

MMI is the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia run by Abu Bakr Bashyir, spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiyah and convicted criminal in the 2002 Bali bombing. MMI is an extreme Islamic organization that wants to take over Indonesia and institute it's own brand of Islam. In reality, they would like to take over southeast Asia. It is a serious threat to Christians in Indonesia and will institute forced conversion to Islam.

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