Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Italians protest against the Poso three executions

Forza Italia!! Grazie!!
A number of people on Monday demonstrated outside the Indonesian Embassy in Rome, Italy, to protest the execution on September 22 of Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva and Marianus Riwu who had been sentenced to death for inciting sectarian violance in Central Sulawesi town of Poso in 2001, an embassy official told ANTARA here by phone. "The embassy in Rome respects the reaction of Italian people who are not satisfied about the Indonesian government`s decision to execute Tibo et al," embassy spokesman Artanto Wigadindata said. But it was the Indonesian govenment`s firm belief that respect for the law was an important principle in upholding demoratic values. Therefore, the legal decision to execute the three death row convicts had to be respected by all parties, he said. He said the decision to execute Tibo et al was made by an agency outside the government so the government could not meddle in it.

That's not true, you're just passing the blame. The government could have stopped it! President Yudhoyono could have stopped it by granting clemency. Attorney General Abdul Rahman Saleh could have stopped if he wanted to. Former President Gus Dur asked him to stop it. The Police Commissioner could have stopped it. The Governor of Central Sulawesi could have stopped it. The Attorney General of Central Sulawesi could have stopped it.

The original Police Commissioner and Central Sulawesi Attorney General had stopped it for further investigation into the evidence and then were replaced by people who would let the executions go on. What kind of dirty politics is this? Obviously a push by the government to make sure nothing stopped the executions. The blood of these three innocent men is on the hands of the Government of Indonesia.

Asked about the rally outside the Indonesian Embassy in Rome, Imron Cottan said everybody had the right to stage a rally to express disappointment at something, provided the rally did not disrupt the embassy`s performance as Indonesia was protected by the Vienna Convention.

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