Thursday, September 28, 2006

Indonesian Government tries to hide torturing of Tibo et al during executions

PADMA Indonesia spokesman and Poso 3 defence team representative, Roy Rening has stated that the execution last week, of Tibo, Riwu and Dominggus was not carried out according to international law and that each man had been shot five times. International law states that a death row convict is not to be shot more than two times. Other irregularities were discovered after the execution as well.
The families of Tibo and Marinus gave permission for the bodies to be examined before burial and it was revealed that each body had 5 bullet wounds. On Tibo's body, there were also two broken ribs on the left backside and three wounds to his face. Marinus' body showed that he had received a 3 - 4 cm knife wound to the heart area and perforations on his back. Pastor Jimmy Tumbelaka said that these wounds were not caused by the execution shooting. This information could prove that Tibo and Marinus were tortured in police custody prior to the execution by firing squad. Preparations will begin for the defence team and family to bring the case to International and UN Human Rights Courts and show that the execution victims had their human rights violated by law enforcement, and their rights violated as declared in Pancasila (state theology) and the 1945 Constitution.

The Indonesian government blatantly tried to hide the evidence that the men were tortured by quickly burying the bodies and not allowing families to care for the bodies as accorded by religious and ethnic funeral practices. Again, the treatment of non-Muslims in the world's most populous Muslim nation is apalling and below the standards of a humane government.

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