Friday, September 22, 2006

Indonesian government denied Poso three their last rites

Hours before the planned executions, Central Sulawesi police and prosecutors rejected the convicts' request for last rites, and for traditional funeral processions for Dominggus and Marinus in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, where they are from.
The convicts' request to have their remains taken to Santa Maria church in Palu was also rejected, and police decided against sending the remains of Dominggus and Marinus back to their hometowns, fearing it would trigger problems.
Dominggus is to be buried in Palu, while Tibo's and Marinus's remains will be taken to their home in Beteleme, Central Sulawesi.
The trio's lawyer, Roy Rening, accused the government of interfering in both the legal process and the funeral arrangements. He added that a procession is a must for a Flores native.
"This is a violation and I, not just as their lawyer, but as a Flores native, can't accept it," he said.
Jimmy said last rites were also essential for Catholics.

Clearly anti-Catholic actions by a government not sympathetic to culture and religion outside of the major ethnicities of Java and the Muslim religion!

"I'm confused," he said, adding that a mass would be held for the three at Santa Maria church Friday morning even though the authorities were refusing to bring the remains there.
Some 4,200 security personnel drawn from the police and the military have been deployed around Palu city. Another 200 members of the North Sulawesi Police Brimob paramilitary unit arrived in Palu on Thursday and went directly to secure Poso.
Poso Police chief Lt. Col. Rudy Sufahriyadi said the city was calm. "But we are prepared to handle any reaction against the executions," he told AP.
In East Nusa Tenggara 's six cities, thousands of Christians took to the streets in protest.
In Palu's Santa Maria church, Catholics prayed and called on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to intervene.
The head of the Central Sulawesi Assembly of Churches, Rev. Renaldy Damanik, questioned why the government had not responded to a second clemency request from the convicts.
"What's going on? Is the President worried there are officials involved in the Poso conflicts?" he asked. He called on his followers to pray and refrain from taking actions that might spark unrest.
Former president Abdurrahman Wahid also insisted on a stay of execution.
"The executions are against Islam. In hadis (Muslim tradition), if there's doubt, in this case if the prosecutor has any doubt, don't do it (the executions). It's just that the Attorney General (Abdurrahman Saleh) did not pay attention to religion," he was quoted by Antara as saying in Semarang on Thursday.
"I've called the attorney general, but he insisted on going ahead with the executions because he doesn't understand religion."

He also doesn't understand justice. We'll see how the Bali Bombers are treated during their executions.

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