Thursday, September 21, 2006

Decision to execute Tibo should be respected says Amien Rais

Bandung, West Java (ANTARA News) - Former chairman of the People`s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Amien Rais said the judicial authorities` decision to execute Fabianus Tibo et al on Thursday (Sept 21) for involvement in the May 2000 incident in Poso, Central Sulawesi, was something that should be respected. "I think the police and prosecutors have taken the the final decision based on sufficiently thorough considerations," Amien said here Wednesday. According to Amien, there were persons trying to interfere in the execution of Tibo and his friends but the most important thing was that the sovereignty of Indonesia`s laws must be maintained. He said the judicial authorities had prudently considered and made a final conclusion on giving proportional punishment to any killer in the country regardless of his or her religion, group, race and ethnicity. "The Tibo issue is sensitive. However, our country is a country adhering to the rule of law so we have to respect the legal decision," he said. On the the names of persons Fabianus Tibo had claimed were really responsible for the Poso incident, Amien said the police must reveal them.

Yes, Pak Amien, you are right! The police must reveal them no matter how embarrassing it is for police and prosecutors who were bribed during the original arrest. The outcome of trials in Indonesia continues to be influenced by power, money, bribery, corruption and intimidation. Until this stops, no justice is truly served.

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