Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bomb suspected outside church in Palu

A suspected bomb was found outside a GPDI church (Jemaat Gereja Protestan Donggala Indonesia) on Jalan Cik Di Tiro, in Palu on Sunday. Church members were frightened when a box of instant noodles was discovered outside the main gate entrance with a possible bomb in it. The Central Sulawesi Bomb Squad (Jihandak) came to the area and examined the box. After about an hour, the Bomb Squad finally were able to determine that the box had a large rock inside and no explosives.
Last Monday, a similar occurance happened at GKST Immanuel (Central Sulawesi Christian Church) in Palu. A gift wrapped box was found outside the church office and feared to be a bomb. Later it was found to contain a doll and a small pillow. Previously on December 12th 2004, a bomb exploded outside the main gate of GKST Immanuel so the church had every reason to be cautious about the box this time.

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