Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bomb in Poso kills woman

A WOMAN was killed late yesterday in a small explosion in Indonesia's religiously-divided Central Sulawesi province, police said."It's true there was a bomb which exploded, killing one person," police spokesman Muhammad Kilat said. He said the 22-year-old woman died on the way to hospital. The bomb exploded on the front verandah of a house in the town of Poso, located around 200km from the provincial capital Palu, he said. Police have launched an investigation into the incident.Eyewitnesses said the explosion was caused by what appeared to be a home-made bomb contained in a flashlight. They said no one else was injured in the blast.

Central Sulawesi, especially the district of Poso, was rocked by communal violence in 2000 and 2001 that left more than 1000 people dead. A government-brokered truce was put in place at the end of 2001 which largely ended the unrest, but intermittent bombings, shootings and other attacks targeting Christians and other non-Muslims have continued. Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim-populated nation, but Christians and Muslims live in roughly equal numbers in parts of Sulawesi and in the Malukus. There is also a small Hindu population in Poso.

This is going to probably continue until the 3 Christians are executed. Muslims continue to defy the truce and the government and police do nothing to protect Christians.

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