Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bomb Assembler Sentenced to 18 Year Jail Term

TEMPO Interactive, Denpasar:

Denpasar District Court sentences 18 years in jail to Muhammad Cholily, the convict of the assembler of the bomb in Bali on October 1, 2005. This verdict is three years more than the prosecutor’s charge. During reading of the verdict, head of the panel of judge I Gusti Ngurah Astawa said additional jail term was given because the 28 year old man alias Yahya Antoni or Hanif was directly involved in preparing the bombing that killed 22 people. Lives and property loss as also Bali’s tourism were the aggravating circumstances. However the judge did not give a life imprisonment or death penalty because it is thought that this would cause vengeance. In addition, “The defendant is still young and has admitted his action,” said Astawa after the session.The alleviating circumstance, according to Astawa, Cholily, who admitted his action in preparing the bomb, Choilily has never been in jail before and he acted fine during the session. In response to the penalty for him, Cholily, who was arrested in Semarang when delivering a bomb to his partner Teddy, said he will think about an appeal. His attorney, Bambang Trianto, regarded the verdict as too heavy.. According to him, while in session there was not any witness who saw Cholily assembling bombs. Bambang also said his client does not know Dr Azahari nor Noor Din M. Top because the two men, named as terrorists by the police, introduced themselves as Surabil and Mr Jat. “He also denied knowing about the Jamaah Islamiyah organization,” he said.

by Rofiqi Hasan

Right, he didn't know who Azahari and Top were? And the judge didn't want to give the death penalty because it would cause vengeance? What about all the people killed by the bomb? This guy's bombs helped kill 202 people, and injure and traumatize countless others. Lives of families in many countries were changed forever by this incident. The Bali tourism industry still hasn't recovered and many Balinese continue to struggle to feed their families because of his actions. Sometimes I think that some Old Testament punishment should be meted out. I'd like to hear his explanation when he stands before God on Judgement Day for his actions before he gets sent to Hell for eternity.

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