Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bali Bomber chatting in prison?

TEMPO Interactive, Solo: Imam Samudra, a prisoner on death row for the Bali I Bombing , has denied asking Agung Setiadi to send a laptop to him when Imam was still in the Kerobokan prison at Denpasar, Bali. According to him, you could not smuggle goods without being caught by fully-armed officers who strictly guarded him . Imam's denial was delivered to Achmad Michdan, his lawyer on the Muslim Defender Team, who visited him yesterday (21/9) at the Batu prison at Nusakambangan. “All information given by Agung and Beni Irawan (the wardens at Kerobokan) about laptops and chatting were denied by Imam Samudra,” Achmad told Tempo. He said that Imam only laughed when being asked of the new accusation. “If I had a computer, why did I have to write a book and letters by longhand?” he said quoting Imam. Achmad recognized that he always carried paper and ballpoint with him, in compliance with Imam's request, every time he visited Imam at the Kerobokan prison. Imam has also refuted Beni's statement that the laptop was smuggled through a ventilator. According to Imam, the ventilator of the prison is very narrow so that it was impossible for the laptop to be inserted into it. The denial was the first statement made by Imam since police had announced that he had controlled the Bali II Bombing on October 1, 2005 from prison. Police confidence was based on Agung's admission, a computer science lecturer at a private university in Semarang, Central Java, who was arrested on 16 August 16 of this year in Semarang. Four days before, police had arrested Muhammad Agung Prabowo, a hacker cum university student at a private university in Semarang. Agung admitted having chatted with Imam through the Internet. Imam then asked Agung to send a laptop from Semarang to Beni Irawan, a Kerobokan warden, who would hand it over to Imam. Beni had testified giving the laptop to Imam through the ventilator of the cell. However, police are yet to check Imam on this.Brigadier General Anton Bachrul Alam, the spokesperson of the Indonesian Police, has considered the denial as Imam's right. “Police are investigating Imam's laptop,” he said yesterday (21/9).

by Imron Rosyid, Erwin Dariyanto

Why not? Wardens and prison personnel are bribed all the time. Probably sending instructions for this year's bombing yet to be carried out.

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