Thursday, September 14, 2006

Anif gets 15 years for part in 2005 Bali Bombing

DENPASAR (AP): An Islamic militant showed no remorse Thursday after being sentenced to 15 years in prison for the 2005 Bali bombings that left 20 dead, vowing to take part in new suicide missions after he was freed.
Anif Solchanudin - one of four men convicted in the attacks on three crowded restaurants - was charged with helping plan the bombings and hiding one of Southeast Asia's most wanted terror suspects.
Judge Daniel Palipin said the Denpasar District Court decided to hand down a 15-year sentence, five years more than prosecutors demanded, because the 24-year-old militant had also offered to be a suicide bomber for the Oct. 1, 2005 attacks.
Anif, wearing a grey traditional Muslim shirt, told reporters after the ruling that he still intended to seek death as a martyr once he was freed. He said he had no plans to appeal.
Indonesia has been hit by a string of terrorist attacks blamed on members of the al-Qaida linked militant group Jemaah Islamiyah in recent years, including the Oct. 1, 2005 bombings on Bali.
The three other men who stood trial in those attacks were sentenced to between eight and 18 years in jail - all for helping hide alleged mastinfidelsermind Noordin Top, transport explosives, or setting up a Web site giving tips on how to kill foreigners.
Indonesia, which has more Muslims than any other nation, has arrested or convicted more than 150 militants since 2002, when a terror strike on two Bali nightclubs killed 202 people, sentencing at least three to death.

Great!! We can't wait for you to get out and try and kill more infidels. What is wrong with these judges? He has no remorse. He wants to kill again. Give him the death penalty and save everyone a headache and he gets his wish to die. Everyone wins. Instead we must pray that while he is in jail that he finds remorse and repents what he has done and becomes a changed man.

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